Online Coaching

Each programme is interactive, engaging and life changing. New group session programs begin every 3 months or you can work with me privately on a 1:1 basis. Find out what program will suit you.  

“Aisling takes a real and practical approach to eating mindfully. She is honest, kind and funny and appreciates that everyone’s story is precious. She shares from her personal experiences and truly listens to what you need. The tools and strategies learned here can be used to transform long after the programme is over.”

Jenny completed the Online Personalised Program

How It Works

This program is based in the philosophies and scientific research of mindful eating. Mindful Eating Workshops are interactive, engaging, and life-changing!

You can choose to participate in a group session setting or work 1:1 in private online sessions:

Mindful Eating Personalised Programme

“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.”

Brené Brown

Create your vision for wellbeing, rediscover the joy of food and design a plan to help you get there.

In this 2 hour session we deep dive in to your relationship with food using a very powerful discovery activity. Aisling then guides you through the key steps of eating mindfully and consciously. This will be the catalyst to finally change your mindset and change your behaviours. This is the only way you will evolve with your lifestyle to create real, sustainable change. We take a holistic overview of your lifestyle and then focus on the physiology and psychology of your eating patterns. We determine some of your key triggers for mindlessly overeating and using powerful behaviour change psychology we allow you to really connect with your body, your mind and your soul . Aisling will then develop bespoke strategies to help you cope with your personal eating triggers and you learn how to combat cravings, build skills and rediscover the joy in food.

These sessions are held via zoom and can be arranged at flexible times to suit your busy schedule.

Package Includes

  • 90min Private Consultation
    This is a personal online consultation with Aisling and includes: assessment analysis and learning the tenants of eating mindfully.
  • Personalised Plan
    We look at your personal eating behaviours, environments and triggers and the create a bespoke plan to help you change your mindset and change your behaviours. ​
  • Weekly Eating Plan
    This is a personalised plan created by Aisling and based on your specific personal preferences for satiety.
  • The Journal & Workbook
    Full of ideas and exercises to help you break free from old habits, banish diet mentalities and learn the foundation of connecting mind and body.
  • 30min Follow Up Consultation
    You'll also get a follow up private consultation with Aisling.
  • Support
    Contact me anytime on email or text message during the 2 week package.

Full Programme: €350

cherry tomatoes

Group Sessions

“We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.”

Brené Brown

The virtual online mindful eating groups are an excellent way to connect with others and feel the transformation in a private way but with the support of your new community.

There is a maximum of 6/8 per group and the virtual sessions happen over the course of 8 weeks with an opportunity to meet up for a mindful eating dining out experience.

Within the group programme you also get one 30 minute one on one session with Aisling and 2 follow up emails/calls. These group sessions are based on the scientific and evidence based MB-Eat programme.

Our next groups begins Tuesday 28th January.

6 Week Programme

  • 6 Sessions
    6 weekly, 1 hour 30mins sessions via online consultation ( dial in, join online & be present via audio or video - you choose )
  • The Journal
    Full of ideas and exercises to help you break free from old habits, banish diet mentalities and body shaming and learn the foundation of connecting mind and body.
  • Mindful & Intuitive Eating Strategies
    We look at your personal enviro
  • Private Support Group
    Access to a new tribe of mindful eaters through our private Facebook and WhatsApp group to support you on your journey.

Full Programme: €249

Programme Structure

The sessions for both group and private counselling are based on the following structure:
  • 1
    Session 1
    Assess your current relationship with food, understand the concept of eating mindfully and set some real and achievable goals.
  • 2
    Session 2
    Through setting intentions and journalling participants begin to develop tools and strategies to integrate mindfulness into our everyday eating experiences. Clients get an opportunity to practice the art of mindful eating through a guided meditative practice.
  • 2
    Session 3
    Participants get to delve deep inside and discover some of their personal triggers for eating and cravings, particularly emotional or stress eating. We then look at other creative ways to nourish ourselves.
  • 2
    Session 4
    This session further deepens awareness of how we decide to stop eating using fullness awareness and ‘body satiety’, discernment and the power of choice.
  • 2
    Session 5
    Integrating Internal and External Wisdom: Becoming Mindful about Nutrition and Energy Balance. This session aims to help participants heighten their abilities to make healthful choices using both internal and external wisdom.
  • 2
    Session 6
    The session then returns to “inner wisdom” in relation to eating by more deeply addressing the experience or craving, emotional eating and the concept of chaining.
  • 2
    Session 7
    Participants better understand their personal experience of stress reactivity and how it is entwined with overeating, mindless eating, and out-of- control eating.
  • 2
    Session 8
    This session completes the weekly part of the program. Participants will experience a sense of empowerment, joy and encouragement with moving forward. A Celebratory meal is shared where participants bring some of their most enjoyable foods and we celebrate eating a meal mindfully together with discernment and gratitude.
  • First Follow Up
    This is the first follow-up session, and participants have been on their own for one month. The focus will be on helping participants acknowledge their successes, while engaging a spirit of experimenting, exploration, and self-acceptance. There is specific focus on success with identifying patterns of emotion-triggered eating and with continuing to cultivate “inner” and “outer” wisdom.
  • Final Follow-Up
    Cultivating Inner Wisdom - This is the last session in the program. The primary goal of this session is for members to integrate what they have learned and to recognise how to continue making progress.

Now Is The Perfect Time to Change

Imagine having a more balanced, sustainable, content attitude towards eating. I have been there, I know the challenges. I understand the struggles and I appreciate how difficult this change can be.

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