Mindful Eating Starter Package

Create your vision for wellbeing, rediscover the joy of food and design a plan to help you get there.
“Aisling has unbelievable compassion and kindness for everyone she works with. Since completing the course the whole family has changed our eating habits and out attitude to food. We have been preparing more of Aisling’s umami filled recipes  and feeding ourselves for nourishment as part of our daily lives.”
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How It Works

This program is based in the philosophies and scientific research of mindful eating. Mindful Eating Workshops are interactive, engaging, and life-changing!

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Mindful Eating Starter Package

“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.”

Brené Brown

We deep dive into your relationship with food using a very powerful chaining activity. Aisling then guides you through the core philosophy of eating mindfully and how these can evolve with your lifestyle to create real and sustainable change. We take a holistic overview of your lifestyle and then focus on the philosophy and psychology of your eating patterns. We determine some of your key triggers for mindlessly overeating and using powerful behaviour change psychology we allow you to really connect with your body, your mind and your soul. We develop bespoke strategies to help you cope with your personal eating triggers, and you learn how to combat cravings, build skills and rediscover the joy in food.

Package includes

  • 1.5 Hr Online Consultation
    A 1:1 private consultation with Aisling for 90 minutes.
    Delivered via Skype, Zoom or Facetime - whatever works for you!
  • Personalised Mindful Eating Plan
    Bespoke mindful eating plan to tackle your specific triggers
  • Eating Mindfully Journal
    Eating Mindfully journal and workbook (hardcopy and online)
  • Unlimited Support
    2 weeks of unlimited online support via email/message directly with Aisling

Cost: €195

What To Expect

An eating mindfully session with Aisling will help you

  • Get you out of autopilot!
    Cultivate a greater awareness of your habitual eating patterns
  • Understand
    Allow you to re-learn the psychology and physiology of eating.
  • Learn to Trust Yourself
    Train you to finally trust your inner wisdom of hunger and satiety and use these as your primary cue for eating
  • Understand Your Triggers
    Reduce eating in response to triggers such as stress, boredom, overwhelm, late-night eating, and the sight or smell of food (to name a few!)
  • Understand Your Needs
    Identify and effectively meet the underlying needs that drive overeating and restrictive eating
  • Eat Without Guilt
    Eat the foods you love without guilt or bingeing
  • Gain Clarity
    Gain clarity about what to eat with a flexible, “all foods can fit” approach
  • Develop Sustainable Strategies
    Develop sustainable strategies for planning meals and enjoying them mindfully
  • Feel Better
    Eat in a way that leaves you feeling better after you finished than you did when you started
  • Free Up Your Energy
    Free up your energy to attend to other aspects of your life and live the big life you crave!

Learn more with a free 15-minute discovery call

Book a free no-obligation 15-minute call with Aisling. Pick a date and time that suits you, and we will give you a call (or Skype). This call will allow you to ask any questions and find out more about how we can help support you. After your call we’ll email you booking information so you can get started on your intuitive eating adventure.

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