Corporate Wellness

Wellness in the workplace has never been so important. 

In modern business it often feels like the pressure is always on and whilst performance is key, your health is the most important,

“Aisling was recommended to us from Virgin Media and has been an immense success.

Aisling would go above and beyond to meet the needs of the client. She not only took into account what we needed from her, but also suggested further ideas that fit in nicely with what we were aiming to do. Aisling’s professionalism, creativity, and helpful nature has been great and we look forward to partnering with her in the future.”

Asha Bourne, IPGMedia Brands

Making Your Workplace a Healthier Place

Mindful eating helps your team make real lifestyle changes by sparking that intrinsic motivation to want to improve their relationship with food and their own wellbeing. These sessions empower employees to take back control of one specific area of their lifestyle and wellness. The group reflect, set intentions, visualise their future and make small changes which positively infiltrate the culture of your company.

Aisling works in an engaging and empowering way with corporate clients, She connects with her audience to achieve one simple goal for you: to make your workplace a healthier place.

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How It Works

“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.”

Brené Brown

In this always – on world, it is easy to fall into the trap of mindless eating. Busy lives with constant multi-tasking means your mind is usually else where when you eat. Maybe you are hurriedly eating lunch at your desk in between emails, absent mindedly grazing as you commute or munching through a snacks as you make appointments and take calls. It puts a stress on the subconscious, on the soul and then this is reflected in our actions – in what we eat and how we eat.

Your team will undergo a journey of self discovery where they explore their relationship to food in a non judgemental and curious way and will be enabled to gain new perspectives on food, eating and creating sustainable life-style changes.

Staff will be empowering to nourish themselves as best they can by eating mindfully, discovering positive and nurturing opportunities and subsequently maximising their minds ability.

One Day Workshop

  • Experiential Workshop
    In a group setting, your employees become grounded and focused to allow a moment to reflect on their own experiences. They begin to understand concepts of cravings and triggers to emotional eating and then explore their own hunger and fullness cues. They will learn tools and strategies for transforming their relationship to food and develop a growth mindset to allow them to achieve their goals.
  • The Workbook
    Full of ideas and exercises to help you break free from old habits, banish diet mentalities and body shaming and learn the foundations of connecting mind and body.
  • Guided Mediation Practice
    Guided meditation practices and a little self care in the form of loving kindness, self compassion and gratitude.
  • Private Support

    The workshop is a one day guided, experiential course with the option to extend and include 1:1 personal coaching sessions in subsequent days.

Experiential Workshop : €695 + VAT

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Imagine having a more balanced, sustainable, content attitude towards eating. I have been there, I know the challenges. I understand the struggles and I appreciate how difficult this change can be.

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