aisling Larkin hummus

Mindful Hummus

The joy of cooking is ever so slowly making its way back into our lives. We can thank the Covid-19 Lockdown for this. My hummus recipe

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Eating Mindfully Meal Prep
Eating Mindfully

Meal Prep – A Better Way

Meal prep is a relatively normal concept within the world of wellness. That classic meal prep we have come to know from Instagram and Pinterest

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festive grazing tables aisling Larkin

Festive Grazing Tables

Grazing tables are not only one of the hottest eating trends of 2019 but also the most perfect way to bring people together. They create

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hand on heart Aisling Larkin

Hand on Heart

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where without even thinking you place your hand on your heart ?  Maybe you got some bad

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