mindful moments

The Power of a Mindful Moment

My mindful moment this morning and WHY

Your day to day activities can offer many unnoticed opportunities for mindfulness. 

It is now time to pay attention to these opportunities and create simple practises & routines that will BREATHE SPACE into your DAILY ROUTINES. 

This was my little 10 minutes of mindfulness this morning on the way home from the school run.  

How often have you rushed out the door and in to your day without evening thinking about how you would like the day to go?
Before you know it, tiny stresses are causing you to react in a rash manner experiencing feelings of frustration, impatience and anger. You find yourself acting in ways you never intended to or wanted to. 


When your self care is low your coping skills are low! 


When your coping skills are low … you default to behaviours that you have been conditioned to know and use since childhood! 
Shouting, blaming others, temper tantrums, trying to self soothe with caffeine or sugar or cigarettes, mindlessly eating…. whatever it may be for you….. we all have our own little backpack of behaviours.
You no longer have to suffer being stuck in these patterns of behaviour. 
Pausing to practice some simple mindfulness for just a few minutes will nourish your body, your mind and your soul and allow you to RESET.

mindful moment


1. Gratitude: Allow the positive in

As you feet touch the floor as you get out of bed – stop for 30 seconds, sit with a relaxed posture, close your eyes, take 3 big, deep solemn breathes and name check 2 things you are grateful for this morning.

2. Mindful Pause: RESET

Stop, halt the autopilot and allow your ‘slow brain’ a moment to think, to hear and to feel what your body is telling you. Bring an awareness to the physical sensations going on inside you right now, the thoughts racing through your head and the emotions they are causing. Bring some self awareness to these to help you understand your behaviours later on the day.

3. Joyful Mindful Movement: Move your body in a way that brings you joy.

This will be different for everyone but move, stretch & breath!  Focus on the breath in parts and truly just simply focus on the movements your body is doing. Feel your heart beat. Know you are alive.

4. Eating Mindfully: Savour every bite 

– Create a plate of food that is nourishing & wholesome.

– Make it look & smell & feel delicious by using  colourful foods, delicious flavour combinations & different textures. 

– Take a breath before you eat.

– Be grateful for your food, your people & your space. 

– Listen to your body’s hunger levels to figure out how much you need to eat.

– Slow down your pace and savour every bite. 

– If you don’t love it – leave it – there will be plenty more opportunities for delicious food later.

mindful moment

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