self worth

Self Worth

Your self worth is your foundation.

It is your core, it is it your everything. 

Mindfulness can allow you to bring moments of quiet to your world. This quiet creates a little space in your mind where you can look inside. Where you can now think and hear and feel what your body, your mind and your soul are telling you. 

It will allow you to bring a self awareness to your own sense of self worth. 

Self-worth is “a feeling that you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect”.

Self-worth is at the core of our very selves—our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are intimately tied into how we view our worthiness and value as human beings.

Diet culture and the media has forced us to question our worthiness in relation to our relationship of food. It has been conditioning us for decades to believe that the only beings that are worthy are those who live a certain lifestyle or are a certain size and shape. 

It is time to reject this diet culture and regain our sense of self worth. 

Specifically in relation to your relationship with food. You are worthy of enjoying the colours, the aromas, the textures and the flavours of food. You are worthy of finding joy in the eating process and sharing food with others and you are worthy of eating when your body says it’s hungry and even when it says it is not.

Don’t let your life pass you by as you strive to be something or someone else.  Don’t waste this one precious life you have trying to please people who do not value your worth. You have your own self worth for you.

There are 4 key indicators you may be lacking self worth.

Simply they are as follows :

You don’t think your good enough

You don’t believe in yourself 

You seek approval from other people 

You continually compare yourself to others. 

Low self worth may be one of the most detrimental, self sabbotaging reasons why you have never been able to change your relationship with food.

You may believe you are not worthy of the effort, not worthy or the joy and peace that mindful eating can bring you in your relationship with food. 

Here are some very common thoughts that may indicate moments of low self worth to you.

Take a few minutes today and read through these.

Observe if you recognise any of these thoughts and behaviours from your own world. To be honest, I would be astonished if some did not resonate with you. At best most people have some moments or little areas that lack the same sense of self worth as others. And thats OK.

Take today as a chance to see which ones are perhaps the most common or prominent for you. 

  • You criticise and judge yourself regularly.
  • You have problems loving and accepting yourself the way you are 
  • You use self deprecating jokes as a way to bring humour in to situations you really feel uncomfortable with.
  • You feel uncomfortable with too much attention and are very unsure how to react to praise. 
  • You often feel ashamed of yourself.
  • You don’t ask for help if you are overwhelmed because you worry others will think less of you if you can’t achieve everything on your own.
  • You feel self conscious regarding your appearance, weight or personality.
  • You are happy to stay in, avoid others and social situations.
  • You dint it difficult to say to requests’ even when it does not suit you.
  • You find it difficult to admit when you are wrong or you have made a mistake. This serves to amplify your feelings of low self worth. 
  • You long for compliments and praise from others as a way to validate yourself.
  • You expect perfection from yourself at all times.
  • You replay conversations with other people in your head until you are sure you made a fool of yourself…again.
  • You think that happiness, wealth or love are not meant for “people like you”.
  • When you experience rejection and criticism you do not react well to this. You can become defensive and anger and you experience deep hurt.
  • You tend to prioritise other people’s needs ahead of your own all the time in attempt to people please. 
  • You have been on every diet ever invented.
  • You find it difficult to make decisions,  you don’t trust your own judgement and you ask the opinions of others all the time. You are afraid to make the wrong choice. 
  • You engage with alot of negative self talk. You are overly critical of yourself and your actions and  continually ridicule and berate yourself. 
  • You wish you could look like or be like someone else and you continually compare yourself to others. 
  • You have trouble expressing your feelings to others for fear of rejection.
  • You tend to self sabotage yourself because you subconsciously believe you do not deserve happiness. 
  • You don’t feel like you ever warrant or deserve the best and this has stopped you striving or trying to achieve. 
  • You spend a lot of time, money and effort on improving your physical appearance.
    You wear clothes that are over sized and nondescript in the hope that no one will notice or approach you. 
  • You find it difficult to speak up and assert what you want and need.

Do you recognise yourself in the behaviour patterns above? Do you suffer from low self-worth?

It is only when you bring an awareness to these behaviours that you can begin to reframe them and work on tools and strategies to build your self worth. 

The first thing you need to do is to address your mindset.

We believe these thoughts and actions listed above are fixed, inherent traits we need to learn to live with and that this is just who “we are”…… But this is not true! These behaviour patterns are NOT YOU! They are signs of  low self worth that you are experiencing right now and they can be changed. 

When we begin to move towards a place of self worth, then we can begin to heal our relationships with food.

Our actions will move from ones of punishment, negativity, deprivation, restriction and loss to actions that fall under the umbrella of self love and self care. We can being to change in a positive ways that allows us to grow.

Our behaviours will begin to reflect those that show you deserve the best shot at this one precious life you have.  You will be more motivated to change behaviours, you will put more effort into understanding yourself and you will value every part of your soul. You will feel worthy. 

What you need to begin to hear today is that right now you are good enough.

You are worthy.

You do deserve love, happiness and inner peace.

You are worthy in every single way.

You are here, you are alive. That makes you worthy of this life. 

You deserve to be free. 

You deserve the life that is waiting for you.

Your deserve joy and contentment. 

Over the next while we will look at some key areas of mindful practice that can elevate our wellbeing and our self worth to allow us to live a wholehearted life. 

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