Discernment : Quality over Quantity Always

Discernment & How to Eat Granola 

A key tenant of my mindful eating 10 step framework is DISCERNMENT. 

Always choosing quality over quantity ! 

Choose the foods you love, savour each moment of the eating experience and move on with your day. 

When I work with clients or create recipes a crucial part of the design process involves creating a multi-sensory experience. 

Food is such a joyous multi- sensory experience when done right. 

Take breakfast ….. synomous with a 5 star hotel experience and always available is a delicious granola with berries. 

So how do you do this at home to create a delicious, satisfying experience while nourishing your body and your mind. 

Here’s how : 

 – 3:2:1  – Remember this simple ratio –  3 fruit: 2: yogurt : 1 granola. 

1. Granola 

One of the most common mistakes I see is people using the granola as the base and filling up a whole bowl of the deliciously crunchy sweet stuff. Remember it does contain simple sugars and can come in high on a calorie count. Reframe your thinking…. the granola is no longer the foundation….. the granola has now become the topping. 

2. Yogurt 

Always Irish, Greek style if possible. Greek style yogurt is strained multiple times and has a higher protein content. The higher the protein the fuller you will feel for longer. 

3. Berries 

Choose fresh in season berries if possible and you are eating 3 times as many berries are granola as a general guide. If you cannot get in season, lets say strawberry… do not bother with fresh ones in December. We all know they don’t even smell like strawberries, let alone taste like strawberries. Reach for the frozen berries and create a simple compote. 

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