fuel your soul

Fuel Your Wellbeing Part 3 : Soul

Nurture Your Soul

Our soul is our essence—the very core of our being. It is your whole being; your thoughts, your emotions and your actions. Your soul shapes your character. Your soul is what gives you a sense of purpose. This is not an easy one to grasp so don’t overthink it. 

Here are some simple, daily practices you can do to nurture your soul and ultimately fuel your wellbeing.

fuel your soul
  • Self Compassion and Self Kindness Afford yourself the basics of self compassion and self kindness. Know that no one or nothing is perfect and accept that.
self love

Seek whole-hearted contentment not eternal happiness. When you feel content  –  that need for happiness dissipates … not constantly chasing the next high……..

Happiness is a fleeting entity while contentment/wholeheartedness is an under current, a constant, a foundation.

When you are working off a base of wholehearted contentment your coping skills are so much higher.

You are much more able to cope. When you can cope  –  you are regulated. When you are regulated, you don’t experience those intense highs and lows constantly. You are more balanced. You make better choices. 

  • Listen to something positive. Inspiration is brilliant for the soul. It puts fire in your belly and hope in your heart. This motivates us to do, to move, to experience. Watch some Ted Talks, listen to some podcasts or even search inspiration accounts and quotes on social media.
  • Reflect and Journal. Taking a few moments to reflect on the day or the situation and then write down some thoughts can be such a powerful tool for your soul. You are reliving, you are experiencing the event and the feelings again but with a new perspective. It can be a release, a learning experience and a creation of memories all in one. 
  • Self care that is aligned with your lifestyle, personality, and goals is key.Self-care isn’t meant to be reactive. That is not self care, that is self soothing. Effective as a short term response. Self care is foundational and supportive and sometimes down right boring. Self care can be about checking things of a list to reduce stress and anxiety. It can be going to the post office to do those returns, the can be getting the house work done, making that appointment for the long over due eye test. It’s about being in control of our finances, taking care of our health and minds, and being a part of the community. 
self care
  • Have a sense of purpose and live authenically.

To explore the truths of how to fuel your soul for the ultimate wellbeing email aisling@eatingmindfully.ie for personal and group coaching and coporate wellness sessions.

If you would like to learn more about fuelling your wellbeing , be sure to check out part 1: fuel your body and part 2: fuel your mind in this series.

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