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The Laya Healthcare Virtual Health and Wellbeing Festival

I am thrilled to be a keynote speakers at Laya Healthcare’s Virtual Health and Wellbeing Festival this Friday 1st May for #WorkplaceWellbeing Day.

I will be giving all you participants some expert advice on Mindful and Intuitive Eating which will allow you to change your entire approach to food and eating forever.

Chances are you have tried a ton of diets in the past and none have ever worked, if anything they have had a negative impact on your wellbeing in many way. Alternately, perhaps you are obsessive about tracking, macros and calories and feel trapped in world you no longer know how to escape from.

Eating Mindfully is a conscious approach to eating where you learn how to tuning in to your inner and outer wisdoms. You begin by learning how to trust your instincts again. The goal is to allow you to develop a real connection between your body, your mind and your soul.

Here are my beginners top tips to Eating Mindfully

Top 5 Tips for Eating Mindfully

Change your mindset, change your behaviours 

Mindful and conscious eating is all about nourishing the body, the mind and the soul. 

Here are Aisling Larkin’s top tips to help you change your relationship with eating and take a new and unapologetic joy from food. 

Honour your appetite – tune into your inner hunger and fullness cues. Eat when you feel hungry and eat with discernment. Remember “If you don’t love it, don’t eat it and if you love it savour it.”

Breath – deep a big deep breath – breath in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, breath out for 4 seconds and hold that for 4 seconds. Repeat this 4 times. This allows you to create a little bit of quiet and space in your mind. This allows you time to bring a self awareness to the moment,  get curious and investigate with a non judgmental curiosity about what you are experiencing. 

RAIN – This is a very powerful tool to use when you are struggling to do the right thing. Recognise, Allow, Investigate and Non-identify. Recognise the feeling you are experiences, allow yourself to be present with the feeling in this moment, investigate the experience and feeling with a non judgemental curiosity and then remember to non-identify with this feeling or emotion. Turn your attention to the simple realisation that YOU are not your mind nor are you your emotions.

Build a self care toolbox – When you feel nourished, content and satisfied your coping mechanisms will be higher. You will be able to manage your mindset and your behaviours better. Look at creating small ways you can look after yourself – warmth, feeling secure, hydration, sleep, doing something creative,  have some social connection and try to connect with nature at least once a day. 

“And thats Ok” – let go of the perfectionism and the expectations. Be grateful in this moment for all that you have. Show yourself some self compassion and kindness. Your best right now might not be your best in another situation but as long as you do your best in your current situation today you will experience a sense of contentment, satisfaction and calm. This positive mindset will then exponentially increase your capacity to cope. So remember …. finish your sentences with “and that’s ok”.

For more top tips follow Aisling on Instagram @aisilng_larkin_ and book in here for your personal online masterclass session. 

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