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Real Health Podcast

I recently joined Karl Henry and his team to chat about all things Eating Mindfully for this Real Health podcast at the with Laya Healthcare.

It was a real cold, wet and windy day as I headed to the studio and when I got there, much beknownst to myself this is what I looked like !! Oh dear…..

Oh dear!!

Anyway we had a great chat about all things mindful eating, food as rewards, family food and life and what I learned from the world leaders in food education from my year commuting to Helsinki in Finland. It was such a lovely afternoon and great to chat with Karl who has such a wealth of knowledge in the wellness space. Since its release last wee I have had so many messages of thanks and gratitude from people, and not only that but it was really transformative for a lot of listener too. I think it sparked a real AHA moment for lots of people. I am so thrilled to have connected with so many people already. It was an honour and a pleasure to be invited to be part of such a transformative movement.

Have a listen here :

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